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El Capo

2 Mar

I had the privilege of experiencing authentic Colombian food as a young girl. A large part of my family were our Colombian in-laws who lived and breathed home-made, traditional cuisine. One of my favourite treats was a Buñuelo which seemed to be my in-laws version of crackers and cheese, because they were at every family occasion.

I had been wanting to go to El Capo ever since I saw the amazing blog post on Grab Your Fork. On the outside, El Capo describes itself as Latin Street food, but it is so much more than that. It is traditional Latin food, with a modern twist. And although the decor of the restaurant gives you a down and dirty impression of a hot, Latino underbelly; the food is perfected through an elegant composition and presentation.

Guacamole $6

You can never go wrong with simple starters, but the guacamole was a serious hit within the whole restaurant. It isn’t served with plain corn chips, it’s served with a crispy, quasi tortilla. The guacamole was fresh, and filled with garlic and coriander; not a good thing if you’re on a date, but so delicious you won’t even think about it.

Pina Colada $17

The Pina Colada may not look it, but it had a serious kick to it. With 2 shots of rum, and a smooth coconut finish, this was enough to keep me going through the rest of the meal.

Colombian Empanadas $11

My favourite of the night, the Colombian Empanadas, were probably the most traditional ones I have ever tried. Traditionally empanadas should be made with a cornmeal pastry, but most of the ones you buy in restaurants are made with pre-prepared puff pastry. It was such a delight to try this amazing snack that I haven’t eaten in over a decade, and to eat it exactly as I remember it as a young girl. They are served with a slightly tangy salsa that is filled with onion and coriander.

Sticky Pork RIbs $13

The Sticky Pork Ribs were very tender and sweet. They were nice, but I regretted not ordering the beef tartare, alas, I will have to go back soon.

Slow cooked leg of pork with Plum and Cabbage $28

Ordering pork for the starter, and main was not a good choice, I definitely got a bit tired of eating pork by the end of this main. This was a special, so I’m not sure if it is always available. One thing I will say about it, however, was that the potato in this dish was delicious. Definitely wanted more than two pieces!

Three Milk Cake $13

The dessert we ordered was a really delicious and hearty dessert, but I did feel the cake itself was a bit dry. I love cake, and I like to enjoy it with and without sauce, but this cake couldn’t be eaten without the sauce as it was too dry. (Excuse the photo – had to use my iPhone photo for this one)

Filtered coffee $1

El Capo is one of those great places you can pop into before you go for a few drinks or see a movie. It has a really great vibe to it, and great service and staff. One of the best aspects of it however, is that all our food and drinks came under $100, this was a definite, but lovely surprise at the end.

El Capo – 52 Waterloo St. Surry Hills
NSW Australia. 2010
Ph (02) 9699 2518