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Xanthi Bar and Restaurant

1 Dec

Overcoming many of the firsts in life can be momentous. I, on the other hand, would like to compare this post to a more obscure first time; the first time I made a cake. The fledgling baker that I was, butter cake was by no means a hard feat to conquer, but apparently I was awesome at making cakes with a gooey centre that dipped in the middle. Feeling like I’ve come a long way since then, Xanthi Bar and Restaurant is my new, gooey first.

We knew that Xanthi was going to be a delight when we got there; it was a Tuesday night, and at 7pm the restaurant was booked out and the space was alive with the pulsing energy of a busy restaurant. The restaurant itself really isn’t all that large, but its decor has quite a Middle Eastern theme going with creamy curtains, and mosaic lamps, so the narrow space became quite cosy.

We kicked off the night with the complimentary sourdough bread, and olive oil which was a vibrant green, and incredibly fresh in taste.

Complimentary Sourdough Bread

BBQ Haloumi $10.00

The BBQ Haloumi was the best haloumi we ever had. The cheese itself is the most perfect texture, and did not have that rubbery feeling that haloumi can sometimes have. It was lathered in oregano, lemon and diced tomato; the perfect addition to the lightly charred flavour of the cheese.

Vine dolmathes $9.00

Sheftalies $11.00

One of the big standouts of the night was one of the most common Greek foods; the Vine Dolmathes. These little parcels of rice had an amazing glutenous texture, and were drenched in the most delicious egg-white like sauce. My favourite thing about it was that they were not suffocated by mint, which can sometimes over take the dish.

Luckily, my Greek friend helped to choose the mains, otherwise it would have been incredibly difficult to whittle down some of the amazing choices. We settled on the Lamb Skaras and the Chicken Avgolemono.

Lamb Skaras $30.50

The lamb was incredidbly tender, you could pull it apart with your fork. It tasted very much of oregano, but the potatoes, string beans, and a salsa-like sauce on the bottom really brought the dish together.

Chicken Avgolemono $29.50

The chicken could have had a little more flavour, the sauce was amazing, but on its own it was a bit bland.

Plate of Hippocrates

Lastly the Plate of Hippocrates was the ultimate dessert for those with a sweet tooth. The waitress told us it was a trial, but I definitely think it should be on their permanent menu. It was a tasting plate of chocolate sponge, pineapple, pomegranate and lemon sorbet. The sponge was very light and moist, and it went incredibly well with the pieces of pomegranate and the sauce which was thick and slightly tart.

Xanthi Bar and Restaurant:
Corner Pitt Street Mall & Market Street, City
Level 6 Dining Precinct
Fri-Sat 8am-Midnight, Sun-Thu 8am-11pm