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Cherrybite – Ms. G’s

14 Dec

Ms. G’s describes itself as decidedly asian, but it is also a nifty little place to pop in for a quick dinner and a few cocktails. Underneath the overt oriental exterior, it’s quite easy to see that a lot of the charm of Ms. G’s comes from the fusion of some great asian recipes with a few conventional western ingredients.

The Mini bánh mì with crisp pork belly $6

The Mini bánh mì with crisp pork belly can best be described as a gourmet pork roll in burger form. It has quite a strong pate flavour, so it’s quasi size is surprisingly fulfilling.

Egg noodles with XO sauce, braised duck, soft poached egg $18

The Egg Noodles are designed to be mixed with the XO sauce and the soft poached egg giving the dish an immense creaminess and slight kick. Personally I found the taste of shrimp paste a bit overwhelming and would have preferred a bit more spiciness.

Unfortunately my visit here was quite brief, but from what I tried, I definitely am wanting to go back and try the sea scallops with guacamole, and the summer noodles with zucchini flowers.


Ms. G’s
155 Victoria Street, Potts Point
Mon-Thurs 5pm-11pm
Fri 12pm-3pm / 5pm-11pm
Sat 5pm-11pm
Sun 1pm-9pm