Chefs Gallery – New Menu

23 Feb

There was such a buzz when Chef’s Gallery first opened in 2010; it was coined by many as the best and newest dumpling house in Sydney. One of the main attractions of Chef’s Gallery, similar to its rival Ding Tai Fung, is the open window through which nosy little patrons, like myself, can watch the noodles being hand-made. This was the 2010 image of Chefs Gallery….

It was just another night, trying to find a good place in the city to eat with no booking, brainstorming good restaurants in the vacinity. Chef’s Gallery came up a few times, but personally I wasn’t too fussed on eating dumplings and noodles. Fortunately, there was no where else to go; so to Chef’s Gallery we sojourned.

The first thing that stood out to me was the new menu, and to my delight, the new menu was a collation of newly added variety and versatility to the original menu. It was no longer a menu of dumplings and noodles; Chef’s Gallery started doing Chinese Tapas, expanded their noodle repertoire, and they became very creative with some of their menu items.

Curry Diced Chicken Noodles $13.50

The noodles were our first course, and as usual, they were incomparably amazing. This dish was bordering on a laksa, but definitely my favourite noodle dish from here so far. The noodles in this dish were egg noodles and they had such a nice firm texture.

Fried Radish Cakes $12.90

When our radish cakes got to the table I was very surprised at how creatively they had presented it. In taste, these were like a reworked, modern, pork bun, but to look at, it was fried radish. Quite a delight indeed.

Mini Pork Burger $12.90

My favourite dish of the night was the mini pork burgers. They were mini little crisp mouth-size bites of cripsy pork and fresh Julienne
vegetables. The bun was lightly sweet, which relieved a lot of the heaviness of the fried pork. Definitely worth going here for these alone!

Peking Duck Roti $15.90

The Peking Duck Roti was a nice variation to Peking Duck Pancakes. The roti was doughy and contrasted nicely with the crunchy cucumber.

Prawn Dumplings $16.90

The prawn dumplings with three kinds of row were very meaty and well balanced. I do think this dish needed a bit of fresh ginger though, just to off set all the flavours of the seafood.

Charcoal Wagyu Beef with Pepper Sauce $28.90

Lastly was an unexpected favourite. Ordering wagyu is always a gamble, because you never know if you will really get wagyu, or even if it will be decent quality. The wagyu at Chef’s Gallery was utterly outstanding. It was cooked to utter perfection – crispy on the outside, slightly rare and tender on the inside. The sauce that it was placed in was peppery and hearty. It may not have been the most attractive, but definitely one of the nicest wagyu dishes I have tried.

Chefs Gallery – 501 George Street  Sydney NSW 2000


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