Cafe ish

10 Dec

I follow Cafe ish on Twitter. Through time I’ve gotten to know head chef and owner, Josh Nicholls, as having busy Twitter fingers, while also being on the slightly quirky side. Amid all the tweets about his lack luster staff, and why not to put rubbish in his store, there was an amazing little gem about one of the first owners of his current location. Although Cafe ish had moved from Albion Street to Campbell Street, it’s newer location is in a converted house that you can see coming up from Central. Apparently this quaint little cafe used to be owned by a little old lady who’s family used to run a fruit shop:

So, I got to know Chef Joshua through the twitter-verse, and had also heard through the grapevine that he is quite pedantic about people taking photo’s in his cafe. With a few wines under belt, I approached Cafe ish and asked if I could take some photos, and the rest is all history.

Edamame with Murray River pink salt $5

The Edamame with Murray River pink salt probably needed more salt, but it came to the table the perfect temperature, and were nice and firm.

Lotus root, mushroom & shallot gyoza $10

The Lotus root, mushroom & shallot gyoza  were an amazing variation to the traditional pork and vegetable gyoza. They have an intense ginger flavour that does not over power, and the lotus root adds such an amazing texture.

Ai’s freaking awesome fried chicken $14.5

One of my favourite dishes on the menu also has the most interesting name I’ve ever seen on a menu; Ai’s freaking awesome fried chicken. It is freaking awesome. This incredible fried chicken is light and crispy. It’s coated in a vinegar dressing and large chunks of caramelized garlic. Indescribably good.

Free range wagyu rump tataki $19.90

The free range wagyu rump tataki came with sake hollandaise and trussed cherry tomatoes. The wagyu itself was great quality and cooked to perfection, but some people might say it was slightly chewy.

Kara age crab omelette $24

My second favourite dish of the night was the kara age crab omelette with ginger dressing. It is hands down the best soft shell crab I have had, and it is lathered with avocado and this deliciously sweet dressing; it may not be the most attractive dish I’ve seen, but it’s definitely one of the tastiest.

Cafe ish
82 Campbell Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
Monday-Wednesday 7am-4pm
Thursday-Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-2:30pm


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